Rostamabadi Sina, Hosseini Navid, Ghorbani Masoud
First Asian and 9th Iranian Tunneling Symposium, Tehran, Iran, ATS11-03311, pp. 227 – 233
Publication year: 2011

One of the important issues during the urban tunnels construction is noticing of tunnel excavation effect on surface constructions. Tunnel excavation leads to stress alteration in the area which results in ground settlement and foundation movement of buildings. In this paper, due to geotechnical information of bore hole “M7” in Tehran metro – line 7, maximum settlement is calculated using “Bobet” formula assuming there is no surface construction. Settlement profile is drawn using “Peck” experimental formula, as well. In next level, by using relative hardness method and assuming there is no surface building, ground settlement profile is drawn and the influence of buildings existence is studied. The results indicate that Bobet analytical method has a more accuracy in estimating the surface constructions damages and it represents a more realistic settlement result.