Rostamabadi Sina, Sharifzadeh Mostafa, Hosseini Navid
10th Iranian Tunnelling Conference, Underground Space and the 3rd Millennium Development Goals, Tehran, Iran
Publication year: 2013

One of the most important issues in the construction of urban tunnels, buildings and structures according to the security level. This paper uses data from a survey of underground twin tunnels damage is dealt a 5 story building. In this study, using the relative stiffness by Potts and relative stiffness modified by franzius, damage to the building is assessed. The results show that the method is relatively difficult than building wind 5.5×۱۰-۶ and the curvature of the modified method of building franzius 4.95×۱۰-۵ is a graph to estimate the severity of damage, the building is safe and damage is negligible. The method is applied Franzius the length and depth of the tunnel structure and the geometry of the structure compared to the relative hardness Potts and the accuracy is higher. The approach used in this study shows that the use of such methods is essential for proper initial design studies. It is also suggested in situations of special importance because it is complex and difficult procedures relative franzius considering the geotechnical conditions of the environment without the use of numerical modeling to compare and validate the results.