Navid Hosseini; Mehran Gholinejad
Archives of Mining Sciences Journal, Volume 59, Number 1, pp. 179 – 188
Publication year: 2014

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the slope stability condition by using fuzzy estimation method based on fuzzy possibility theory. Due to use of this theory, the inaccuracy, ambiguity and uncertainty in input parameters are considered and therefore, the calculated factor of safety (FOS) is highly reliable. In this research, first, the input parameters of slope stability analysis, based on statistical characteristics and grade of membership concept, as a fuzzy numbers are defined. Then the performance function of slope behavior is defined and by using the fuzzy parameters, the FOS is calculated. In next step, by using the several α – cut, the calculated FOS is defined as a fuzzy form and subsequently, the slope stability condition based on fuzzy presentation of FOS is evaluated. The results show that, although based on deterministic analysis the studied slope is stable but based on fuzzy interpretation of FOS, the slope stability condition is scare. The fuzzy analysis of slope stability condition, by applying the uncertainty in calculating the FOS and defining the grade of membership for each unknown input parameters in model, a more realistic interpretation of slope stability condition is provided. In addition, the fuzzy presentation of the FOS, allowing more accurate judgments about slope stability condition.