Hosseini Navid; Oraee Kazem; Soltani Mohammadreza; Amirafshari Mehdi
10th Underground Coal Operators Conference (COAL2010), Wollongong, Australia, pp. 368 – 376
Publication year: 2010

In broad terms, productivity is defined as the ratio of all outputs to all inputs. In this paper, productivity is distinctly used as an engineering tool and from practical viewpoint. With such engineering look, productivity is an adequate tool for evaluation of the advancement in competitive market, work assessment, profit/loss analysis, decision and even developing or changing the activity. Productivity measurement seems to be an easy task but this is a misconception. In fact the concept remains to be one of the most complex and unknown criteria. It is for this reason that attempts have been made here to accurately define productivity and hence simplify its measurement. A case study has been adopted and the productivity of Eastern Alborz Coal Mines in Iran has been calculated for years 2001-2008. The resulting values and the component models are then subject to analysis. These results are examined in terms of practicability and it is shown that the method prescribed is a pragmatic approach in all similar system situations.